Tuesday, April 15, 2014

B + J + C - Family Session

Branna and I have known each other from high school, and more so from the tanning salon that she frequented as a teenager, that I worked at as a teenager. Thanks go to Facebook again, for keeping us in touch over the years.

Well now she just so happens to be the mother of quite possibly the cutest and most expressive kid I've ever met!

With that being said, you've got to check this session out… I'm so in love!

Can we discuss this little face!? I just can't get enough!

Yes, that is a fedora, and no it didn't last too long on that noggin. 

Yes, those are his shoes on his hands, and he kept them on until something tickled his fancy…
like flowers, bark, grass, and bird poop. Yep. Such a boy!

Thanks, Cassidy

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