Friday, January 28, 2011

G + J - Children's Portrait Session

I'm not meaning to toot my own horn here... or maybe I am... but I'm so lucky to be surrounded by the prettiest and best babies, EVER! My precious niece, Grace, my handsome nephew, Jacob, my beautiful daughter, Mellie, my friends' children, my cousin's children... just completely encompassed!

My niece, Grace, is hilarious. She is always saying something funny, or doing something funny, or thinking I'm funny (which just fuels my fire!) and joins in on the funny. She's adorable, and goofy, LOVES the camera, and has the sweetest little voice!

I took some pictures of the kids for my sister last year, and I just love to look at them over and over again. They seriously capture Grace's charisma... and Jacob's aggravation since he couldn't walk at the time! Don't worry, he's all over the place now!

They just make me feel like the luckiest aunt on the face of this planet!

I just love those chubby little fingers...
At this point, I told Grace to eat the flowers in her hand.
Her reply: "No, that's silly, Chaki! And for babies!".
Apparently, only babies eat flowers these days... haha.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to the cutest 8 month old to rock a fauxhawk, Jacob. 
This little chunk just so happens to be the first boy in our family in 61 years! Yes, my family is full of women... I don' know whether to laugh for him, or cry... hahaha! So far, he LOVES all of the attention, and doesn't seem to be too worried about a family full of loud women... I give him 8 more years before it really sinks in! ;o)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! If you are here in Georgia, 61 degrees tomorrow will be MUCH welcomed!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A + L - Family Session

If there were to ever be a moment in my life that someone asks me what is the ONE thing I would want to shoot (pictures, of course) for the rest of my life... I would easily say OLD BARNS.

I am obsessed! I love the distressed wood, I love the architecture, I even love the ones where Mother Nature seems to be winning the battle... in fact, those are the best ones!

Bottom line, I love them so much, that I was literally the happiest girl on earth the moment when a friend of mine, Lee, asked me to take some pictures of himself and his sister for some family gifts. It was at this AMAZING park, McDaniel Farm Park, off of Pleasant Hill, which some of you may know, is quite a chaotic and loud, but this farm park is fantastic! It's literally an old farm, that was surrounded by a park years ago, and is the perfect place to take your dog on a jog, or as the background of your family portrait.

If you are from the area, I seriously suggest you go visit it!

Here are a few from the shoot... I can safely say, Ally is a lucky girl to have a big brother like Lee!

That sweet little girl on Lee's left is Sam... I just loved her!

I'm definitely going back to McDaniel Farm Park again soon! Maybe I'll drag some cousins or friends out there with me for a crazy photoshoot!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snap Pea Imaging & DESIGN

So, some of you may be wondering what the design part of my business, Snap Pea Imaging & Design, is all about. Well, I also design invitations! I may branch out more in the future and do other things, but for now, it's photography and invitations.

Go check out my designs at my Etsy store here! I only have a few designs for sell so far, but more will be added as soon as I design them! I've been so busy with the photography aspect, that I forgot that the design portion is just as important when it comes to my business. So I'm slowly, but surely, designing new fun and exciting invitations! I'll be sure to let you guys know as soon as I add some more!

It's almost Friday! Wahoo!

Also, my new Pottery Barn catalog came in today... ohhhh man, I'm in trouble...  ;-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Family Holiday Sessions

 The weather here in Georgia lately has been unbelievably cold, and more recently, slapped with Snowpocalypse 2011! I couldn't get my car out of my own driveway for 6 days, and that was all over the whole state!

Thankfully, my friend's Emily (of Senseless Sophistication) and her husband Ryan, and Emily's co-worker Brittany, and her husband, Dodd, got together BEFORE all that nasty weather for a little winter photo shoot, fully equipped with their fur children, Harvey and Murphy! 
I really wish the weather had been a little nicer on us, after all, 20 minutes into the shoot, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, but all in all, the pictures turned out so cute!

On our way back to the Shola household, Harvey was shivering in the car from the cold, so of course, "Daddy" came to the rescue and snuggled him with his jacket. I just HAD to take a picture of this sweet moment...

After Ryan admired the new photo of himself, with his pride and joy, he proceeded to nag Emily, "You are soooooooo jealous of that picture right now!"

I'm pretty sure Emily threatened him with walking home. 

Tips for the Road: Never nag the driver... ;o)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

C + J - Maternity Session

A few weeks ago, I had a maternity shoot with a friend of mine, Courtney. We worked with each other when we were teenagers at a tanning bed in Lawrenceville, and thanks to Facebook, we've kept in touch ever since. Needless to say, I was thrilled when she asked me to take her maternity pictures! Here are a few from the shoot, and as you can see, Courtney is one of the most beautiful women pregnant! Her little tummy is perfect! I cannot wait to see that sweet baby Sanai when she graces us with her presence in just a few short weeks! Thanks Courtney and Julian for letting me shoot this awesome time in your lives!

I was very happy with the way these pictures turned out!

In February, I have another maternity shoot with a friend of mine, Hayley. You can check out Hayley's blog about her Journey to Motherhood! Hayley and Jay (and baby Grace) are going to be a fun crowd to shoot, I just know it! ;o)

Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rylin - First Birthday Photography Session

Another week begins, and I can't complain because I had ALL week off last week, due the abnormally crazy blizzard we had here in Georgia. Doctors still work on Martin Luther King's birthday however, so I'm back to work, but others are still enjoying their weekend!
I went on a road trip with to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, for a friend's daughter's first birthday, and what a party it was! I had an absolute blast, and can't wait until I visit again for some more picture fun in the Spring or Summer!
Special thanks to the Faulkner family for making me feel so welcome in their beautiful home! Happy Birthday, Rylin!

Here are a few shots of the birthday girl! And yes... she really does smile NON STOP!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just getting started...

Well, it's my first post of my first business blog... and I'm so proud! A dear friend of mine, Emily at Senseless Sophistication, got me really pumped and excited about this thing they call BLOGGING! Let's see if I'm any good at it... ;o)

I'm Cassidy. Born, raised and reside in Athens, Georgia. I'm a photographer! I love every aspect of getting my new baby, Snap Pea Imaging & Design, started! I can't wait to see what the future has to hold, because I only see things getting better from this point!

Check out my website, Snap Pea Imaging & Design (still under construction) or Like me on Facebook!