Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A + L - Family Session

If there were to ever be a moment in my life that someone asks me what is the ONE thing I would want to shoot (pictures, of course) for the rest of my life... I would easily say OLD BARNS.

I am obsessed! I love the distressed wood, I love the architecture, I even love the ones where Mother Nature seems to be winning the battle... in fact, those are the best ones!

Bottom line, I love them so much, that I was literally the happiest girl on earth the moment when a friend of mine, Lee, asked me to take some pictures of himself and his sister for some family gifts. It was at this AMAZING park, McDaniel Farm Park, off of Pleasant Hill, which some of you may know, is quite a chaotic and loud, but this farm park is fantastic! It's literally an old farm, that was surrounded by a park years ago, and is the perfect place to take your dog on a jog, or as the background of your family portrait.

If you are from the area, I seriously suggest you go visit it!

Here are a few from the shoot... I can safely say, Ally is a lucky girl to have a big brother like Lee!

That sweet little girl on Lee's left is Sam... I just loved her!

I'm definitely going back to McDaniel Farm Park again soon! Maybe I'll drag some cousins or friends out there with me for a crazy photoshoot!

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