Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snap Pea Imaging & DESIGN

So, some of you may be wondering what the design part of my business, Snap Pea Imaging & Design, is all about. Well, I also design invitations! I may branch out more in the future and do other things, but for now, it's photography and invitations.

Go check out my designs at my Etsy store here! I only have a few designs for sell so far, but more will be added as soon as I design them! I've been so busy with the photography aspect, that I forgot that the design portion is just as important when it comes to my business. So I'm slowly, but surely, designing new fun and exciting invitations! I'll be sure to let you guys know as soon as I add some more!

It's almost Friday! Wahoo!

Also, my new Pottery Barn catalog came in today... ohhhh man, I'm in trouble...  ;-)

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