Friday, March 21, 2014

The Mason's - 50th Anniversary Family Session

You read that right… 50th ANNIVERSARY!

This is the Mason Family, and they are celebrating 50 years of love, laughter and lots of kids!

This session was shot at one of my very favorite parks in Jefferson, Georgia, and I really feel that the rustic feel really fit the family perfectly for this shoot.


"Don't Photoshop the wrinkles… we worked hard for those!"

No. Way. Never would I. Ever. 

You counted that right, 5 girls - ONE BOY! And he's the baby! What a lucky guy!

Enjoyed this family so much!

Thanks, Cassidy

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Metro-Atlanta Mini Shoots

It's Spring! 

Which means it's time to clean out the 5th grade picture frames and get some new, updated pictures in them to enjoy for years to come!

Take advantage of our first mini-shoot of the year, our Spring Mini Sessions! Get fabulous pictures at almost half of the price!

*** UPDATE: only a few time slots left for Saturday, April 5th available! Book now! Call Cassidy at 678-387-7831 or visit our Snap Pea Imaging & Design Facebook page, and either leave a comment or send us a message!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easton William - Newborn Session

I'm so proud to announce that Easton William has arrived… and during a rare Atlanta blizzard, at that!

My friends, Taryn and Patrick, who had an awesome maternity session just two short months ago, welcomed their baby boy on a super COLD Tuesday day… one that was full of SNOW! 

If you know Atlanta, or HOTlanta as some call it, then you are surprised that Georgia even had snow. Now, if you know Atlanta, and just so happen to live here as well, then you know that we actually DO get quite a snow storm every three or four years or so! 

So it was about time… and leave it to Taryn to have a son determined to come in this weather! 

Aunt Cassidy still got some banging' photos though… but I'll let you be the judge…

That little round nose, and super awesome mouth! Why are boys the lucky ones!?

This is sweet Abby… baby Easton's big sister. 
She is a wonderful big sister, at that!

Remember, I'm that mean photographer that shoots the pouts… and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Is he not just breath taking? No, I'm not just biased, I KNOW this boy is beautiful!

And of course, no newborn shoot is completely without…

This terribly awesome Newborn Details Collage, exclusively at Snap Pea Imaging & Design!

Hope this entry made you smile as much as it did me!

Thanks, Cassidy

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Presley - 4 Month Photography Session

I had such a great time photographing this happy, adorable little girl!

Check out those eyes! Could she be any cuter? I don't think so!
She and her sweet mommy (daddy was unfortunately home sick) was all smiles at a park in Sandy Springs.

Ahhhhh - SO CUTE!

Those eyes!

I DIE when I see those pictures of her playing with the grass! Yes, ladies and gents, it was her first experience with grass… and I'm so glad I was there to capture it! This baby girl couldn't have done a better first shoot! Can't wait to shoot more in the future!

Thanks, Cassidy