Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Completely undeserving but 100% appreciated, none the less! My dear friend Emily, and creator of one of the cutest blogs I know, Senseless Sophistication, nominated my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award today!
If that wasn't enough, I even get to show off with this really cute button! :

Apparently, part of the SBA is that I now have to list 7 things about me, and 15 blogs that I like/follow!
Let's see how this will all work out in the end...

1) I am the most tenderhearted person you will probably ever meet. It's pretty ridiculous, actually. I have a huge fear of spiders (we're talking I cry at the sight of them) but I can't even bring myself to kill one, or allow someone else in my presence to do so, after all, they didn't ask to be scary spiders.
My mom is the same way, so thankfully, I have her to catch and release them when they interrupt my perfect life with their existence.

2) I have an odd obsession for Christmas movies. You name it, if it is about Christmas or even has a Christmas scene, you can bet your butt that it is in my dvd collection. Some of my favorites: Christmas Vacation, Family Stone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Love Actually and yes, even Die Hard! I find myself watching said movies even in the middle of July, I just can't help it!

4) I have one pupil bigger than the other, making it next to impossible to keep my balance. Needless to say, I can get pretty clumsy... and tend to break things because of it. (No need to add a comment, EMILY!)

5) My sister had the first boy in my family in 61 years! My family is full of loud, kind, smart, eccentric, and talented women, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I do however, feel bad for my nephew, Jacob, and all the other men we've managed to keep married into the family! 

6) I love to sing (by myself). I sing all the time (by myself). I happen to think I am a great singer (by myself) and sound best in my car (by myself) or in the shower (also, by myself). 
Immense apologies to my mom, my neighbors, and perhaps any one else who has had the honor (horror) of hearing me...

7) I hope to one day, have the means and the perfect job, to allow me to travel all over and take pictures of anything, and everything I see. 

As for the 15 blogs that I like/follow.... well this is proving to be a hard task to finish. I have only been blogging for a few weeks, and happen to LOVE all the blogs I have seen more recently. I'd like to really come up with a good list for you guys, and post it at a later date. 

I certainly hope I am not breaking the SBA code or anything... eeek! ;o)

P.S. I think I'm going to work on a signature tonight, I have noticed that all the cool blogs have them... 

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